Got Jesus?


“It takes time to develop a nice quality, looking car. A car is most valuable, when it is taken from the yard heap. Stripped to the bare, then meticulously put back together to another level of greatness.”   RJV

Before a car can look like this, you must first have ownership.
Then you can really say,

Though we are talking about a car, our lives are way more important. Jesus went to the cross 2,000 years ago. He paid the ultimate price. His Life. He said on the Cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34. It means that you and me, put Jesus on the cross. Means because of our sinful lifestyle, Jesus loved us so much, He gave His life. The Bible says, "How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation." Heb. 2:3 You are so special Jesus gave His Life for you.

We all spend our lives searching. We spend our life taking our responsibilities serious. We watch out for our families. We desire to do what is right. We acquire possesions. We enjoy what the world has to offer. And still others, live life going for what they know. Living the party scene. Where drugs, gangs, violence, takes over. Yet, on the inside we live, empty purposeless lives, though in many cases moral lives. Morality does not bring eternal fulfillment. Living the American dream does result in the abundant life Jesus spoke about. Only recieving Jesus as Lord and Savior for our life. Does our search end. In Jesus we will have found the very purpose of why we were born. Jesus Loves You. This is an expression we often hear. Yet, Jesus does REALLY LOVE US!

When you accept Christ, he forgives you of all your sin. He cleanses your heart from past guilt that dogs you day in day out. He fills us with His Holy Spirit. He gives you power for life and service. He'll begin restoring your family and marriage. He will help kick the toughest challenge or habit in your life. Jesus will change your life forever.


Ready to accept Jesus! He's knocking at the door of your heart. He wants to come in. He desires to have fellowship with you. If you are ready, I want you to say this prayer:

Jesus! I believe in You. That You died on the Cross for my sin. I admit I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I cannot make it on my own. I cannot live in this world without You. I believe You died and rose again on the third day. That You are alive forever more. From this day on, I give my life to You. I ask you that you would fill me with the Holy Spirit. That You would teach me how to read the Bible. That You would make me a man, woman, young person, single adult, of prayer. That You would make me, Your disciple. I thank you for loving me. I love you Jesus!

If you prayed that prayer. You are a new person. 2 Cor. 5:17 declares the old has passed the new has come. You might not feel or look like a new person. But you are!

We here at Victory Outreach Anaheim, are excited for you! Yet, this is ONLY the beginning! God has much more beautiful things in store for you. Click on the link.


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