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Bringing God's Love to Orange County since 1993
Our History 
Victory Outreach of Anaheim has been on a journey of God's grace for 23 years. God placed us in Anaheim. We began with a hope that God wanted to save, develop and raise up hurting men, women and young people. And many treasures out of darkness. And He did. To God be the Glory! Pastor Roy Valverde has pastored Victory Outreach Anaheim for 22 years. And has been a Christian for 32 years. He and his wife, Pauline rejoice in the team God has placed around them. For they are the true heroes in the success of the ministry. VOA has sent out seven churches. Including multiple teams nationally and the foreign field. Pastor Roy and Pauline have four children respectfully. VOA is part of the movement of VO Int'l. and part of the VO San Gabriel Valley East region. Under the leadership of Pastor Sonny Jr. & Kim Arguinzoni.

Roy is grateful for the leadership of Pastor Bruce and Eva Bernal of VO Garden Grove (Formery Santa Ana) They have been dedicated in their service to the Lord for many years. And willing to take steps of faith in reaching and developing people for the Lord. Of which Roy was a part. For, it was they who sent him to Buena Park, Ca. to take over a pioneering work, still in its infant stages. And because of their vision, trust in God and spiritual stamina, they continue making a difference for the Lord in Orange County, Ca. and the world.

For VOA, it has always been about God and people. Our journey began when Pastor Roy was installed as pastor, along with his - then wife, Vera, and their son, Elias, in 1993. Buena Park, Ca. was the city. At that time, the church was a handful of people. They began to evangelize. At which time, they began the first VOA Christian Recovery home for men. God soon after, led them to the city of Anaheim They met at the Brookhurst Plaza Inn. God soon after opened doors at Brookhurst and Lincoln streets. Then the church grew even more. They impacted the city with city wide crusades. Began a spanish church, which still exists today. Sent out their first couple, Philip and Roberta to the Boyle Heights area of L.A., who they, then sent out two churches of their own. Pastor Roy, then sent out 5 more churches. Roy, Elias and VOA took a big hit. He lost his wife, Elias his mother and VOA their pastor's wife. Roy continued to persevere in spite of hardship. Yet, God in His grace, blessed him, three years ago. with a beautiful woman of God, soul mate, and helpmate. Pauline. They met at VO San Jose. And fell in love, and dated for one and half years, and have been married for three years. Pastor Ed and Mitzy Morales were used of God as premarital counselors. Yet, right before their marriage, they recieved sad news. that Pastor Ed, passed on to be with the Lord. He's in the glory of God! He will be forever missed. At this moment, theyr'e very excite, because they know the best is yet to come. That their greatest days are ahead of them. They as in the beginning have a pioneer's attitude, and mode. As this is the 22nd yr anniversary of VOA! They are thankful for the team, God has placed around them. And believe God will continue to raise up men and women in the next 20 years, to take the gospel all over the world!

Scripture Promise
The scripture promise God gave to Pastor Roy, which has proven true over the years is found in Isaiah 43:4: "Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life."
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